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Finding the Best Insurance Value

Are you getting the best value from your auto, health and home insurance? Until now there was no way to know. Sign up to follow Injured Money and you will be the first to get reports on the best insurance values in your area.

Auto Insurance – Which Insurer is Yours?

This animated cartoon shows how extreme the difference in claims payment and service quality can be, depending on the insurance company you choose.

Finding the Best Insurance – Made Easy

In the past finding the best insurance was based on price and advertisements. We all know that advertisements are often the opposite of the truth, but there didn’t used to be any other information available.

Finally you are able to get the best insurance value. You will now be able to buy the best insurance based on detailed information about price, service and claims payment — loss compensation. With Injured Money you will now have real information on which you can base a decision about which is the best insurance value for you.

When you visit an insurance agent or broker, they will tell you about the financial strength of the insurance company. This is known as the creditworthiness. What they don’t tell you is the trustworthiness of the company. There’s a big difference. Being financially strong doesn’t mean they provide the best insurance value and compensate you after tragedy has struck.

Surveys show that the people view the best companies as those paying claims and compensating for losses in a fair and timely manner. However, this information has never been available in the past. People will soon find the rating information they need, right here!

Best Insurance chart

Our engineers have completed the development of sophisticated server software that mines the financial data bases of insurance companies and brings you the information you want to know, which is which companies are good about paying claims. Click this link to get a report on your insurance company. This is an exciting breakthrough for everyone who needs to protect their family and their personal assets. Yes, that’s you and everyone you know. Tell your friends about this site.